Shares in Chinese search engine giant Baidu (HK:
9888) surged in Hong Kong on Tuesday after the company said it was nearing completion of a trial of its Microsoft-backed ChatGPT-like AI project.

Baidu says it has been working on Ernie, an acronym for “Advanced Representation through Knowledge Integration” since 2019, and plans to complete internal testing in March.

Baidu says Ernie can now perform tasks such as understanding language, generating language, and creating text to images.

The news suggests that Baidu is about to have a product that can compete with OpenAI’s ChatGPT tool, which has had a profound impact since its launch in November. ChatGPT is not widely available in China, the market. Baidu’s hometown. Competition in the AI ​​space is heating up rapidly, with Microsoft (NASDAQ:
MSFT) supports OpenAI and Alphabet (NASDAQ:
GOOGL) is developing its own in-house tool to improve search and text editing. Others like Meta Platform (NASDAQ:
META) and Tesla (NASDAQ:
TSLA) has also spent significant sums on the development of AI-powered features.

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai said on Monday that his company will begin collecting user feedback about its conversational AI service, called Bard, with the goal of releasing it to the public. them within a few weeks. Pichai said in a blog post on Monday that Bard will rely on information from the Internet, in line with the capabilities of Google’s search function.

“Bard seeks to combine the breadth of global knowledge with the strength, intelligence and creativity” of Alphabet’s internal capabilities, said Pichai. Google’s new chat engine is powered by LaMDA, the AI ​​project that produced text so well that in a test last year one of its engineers called it “sensitive” last year. last. The company itself made no such statement towards LamDA.

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